Adlerreich is the country in which the campaign started. A few details follow.

It’s broken up into provinces. Those the PCs know about so far are:

  • Sudenland (on the South coast; Warpath woke up wearing the crest of Lord Kester, Duke of Sudenland)

Its capital is Peterheim.

To the North are the Hexenberg Mountains. These are dense and extensive, but if one were to traverse them one would eventually end up in the nation of Helmsland. The region South of the Western end of the Hexenbergs is covered by the dense Tiefwald Forest. To the North-East are the Hohlberg mountains – a chain extending from the Hexenbergs. Over this chain is the nation of Asterland. To the South is the coast onto the Endemeer Sea. To the West is the great Gletscher River, over which lies the nation of Capercia.

In about the centre of the South coast is the city of Schaffen, capital of the province of Sudenland.

Other cities to be visited are:

  • Soldant – a fort on the great (and unnatural!) fork in the Gletscher River.
  • Eribar, a former major port.
  • Accia, a major Capercian town, on the mouth of the Gletscher.


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