Albert Weaver



Gender: Male
Age: 35ish
Height: 5’7"
Weight: Slightly paunchy (till now, at least)
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Dark brown, bearded


Albert took refuge in a Necromancer’s tower on the night of the Fall, and has been hiding there ever since, surviving on the tower’s stores. He now wants some help rebuilding the tower, and has asked the people of Crossridge, not realising they believe him to be a Necromancer and are therefore terrified of him. In truth he’s just a Hedge Wizard. Albert did not realise the full extent of the Fall.

The PCs met him in the tower and took him back to Crossridge so he could explain the misunderstanding to the townspeople. It is believed that his intention was to invite them to share the tower with him, as it is reasonably defensible.

Albert had been on an errand to the Hohlberg mountains and was on his way back home when the Fall struck and he took refuge in the tower.

Albert Weaver

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