In Memoriam

Session 4

Murders In The Dark

  • The PCs convince Schutzmann of their innocence, and he asks for their assistance in the investigation.
  • They accept, and are granted a warrant to investigate.
  • Returning to the temple, they question the priest on duty and examine the room.
  • Examining the body, slumped over his writing desk, they find a small dart in the back of Father Martin’s neck – appearing to have come from the open window.
  • Investigating the window, they find scratch marks on and around the frame.
  • The icon does not appear to be here.
  • They investigate the alley outside the window, and find a distinctly inhuman footprint but not good enough tracks to follow.
  • They return to Schutzmann and show him the dart. He takes them to the Watch’s evidence room and shows them three more such darts, which he explains come from three other murders – a Watchman, a doorwoman at the Engineer’s Guild, and an unidentified man.
  • Investigating these murders, the PCs can discover no connection.
    – The Watchman was patrolling near the city library, and a text containing some magical rituals has gone missing.
    – The doorwoman was killed on duty, but no-one seems to know much about her.
    – The unidentified man had an unloaded crossbow next to his body. The body has been sent to the Ordo Mortis for a nameless funeral.
  • At the scene of the third murder, the PCs find a trail of blood which they follow into the sewers. At the outflow of the sewers, which goes over the cliff, they find an entrance to a cramped tunnel.
  • Entering the tunnel, they are attacked by a demon guard – a small, squat creature with red skin in jet black armour. As they fight, more demons join them and Petra is gravely wounded.
  • Guy and Gerrard feel stings in their necks, and discover darts in the wounds, shot by an unseen assailant.
  • They scour the darkness and eventually find the culprit – another demon – and bring it down along with the guards.
  • However, Guy soon falls unconscious from the venom.
  • Frederick carries Petra to the temple to clean her wounds, and Gerrard follows shortly after with Guy.
  • Simon goes to report to the Watch, and returns with a small detachment of Watchmen to clean the place out.
  • No further demons are found, but Simon does recover the frame that had previously been around the icon – but is no longer. He also notices a stalactite in the final chamber – there’s something strange about it, but he can’t quite tell what it is…
  • They return the frame to the temple, who are very grateful (again).
  • Some days later, they receive an invitation from Claus Liebnitz, chief priest of the Ordo Gerantos, with a proposition for them…



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