In Memoriam

Session 3

Braving The New World

  • The PCs decide to head for Schaffen, chief city of the province of Sudenland – the tunic Warpath was wearing when he awoke bore the crest of Lord Kester of Sudenland, so this may be their best clue to their past.
  • The journey is hard; the world is a bleak and barren place now. They come across:
    – a land of unbearable heat just to the South-West of Crossridge;
    – a lava flow;
    – a stream that becomes a fast-flowing river, too fast to sail;
    – a great mountain, not marked on their map, through which the river flows.
  • Eventually they reach the coast, and see that the sea is completely frozen. Their investigations suggest it is entirely solid, or at least frozen to a considerable depth.
  • They continue along the coast and reach Schaffen, where they are ushered to the tower of Johann Strauber, effective ruler of the city.
  • Strauber tells them that the city held out against a siege by the Horde some months ago, until the Horde simply left – he does not know why.
  • Warpath recognises the earring worn by one of Strauber’s men, and asks him about it.
  • The earring is that given to the personal guard of Lord Kester. Erik (Strauber’s man) is not of the personal guard, but simply found it in the tower.
  • Asking around the town, they find that Nell Smith recognises Warpath, and identifies him as Gerrard Cooper.
  • Later, Strauber asks the PCs to investigate the wreckage of a ship trapped in the ice sea, and in particular to obtain the ship’s manifest so he can see if there is useful cargo.
  • In order to cement their position in Schaffen, they accept. They trek out to the ship and load up as much cargo as they can for the return journey.
  • Examining the manifest, they notice an unusual entry – “relic of the ”/campaign/in-memoriam/wikis/ordo-carnae" class=“wiki-page-link”> Ordo Carnae".
  • Searching the ship, they eventually find this relic in a lead casket. The relic is an icon of St. Carnas, in a golden and jewelled frame.
  • They return to Strauber, who suggests they take the icon to Father Martin Sonder, priest of the Ordo Carnae.
  • They do so, and he is very grateful. Frederick agrees to return the next day to talk more about the Order.
  • However, as they are being interviewed by the watch captain, Alfred Schutzmann, who seems to be interested in any demon sightings they have experienced, a messenger enters informing him that Father Martin has been found murdered and the icon appears to have gone missing. He explains to the PCs that since they were the last to see him, he must take them into custody…



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