In Memoriam

Session 2

Confronting Their Fears

  • The PCs head North to the Necromancer’s tower.
  • As they approach, they find animated skeletons performing menial tasks in the forest around the hill.
  • Frederick feels a sense of darkness about them, like a putrid smell, but a sense he can’t identify.
  • Eventually they approach the tower. Its portcullis gate is propped open by what appears to be a bookcase. (It is empty.)
  • They creep into the tower and check each room carefully. There is ash in the grate, but it is cold.
  • On the second floor they open a door and a cheerful man greets them, and introduces himself as Albert Weaver.
  • The PCs talk to Albert, who is horrified by the events they describe – he had been hiding out in the Tower since the night of the Fall.
  • He claims not to be a Necromancer, and to have had no idea that’s what the inhabitants of Crossridge had assumed.
  • He is appalled and insists that he must go to Crossridge and meet them so that he can explain.
  • He does admit to having some small magical talent as a hedge wizard, though – and is deeply troubled when he is told that magic will bring the Horde upon him.
  • The party travel back to Crossridge, but find it under attack by a warband.
  • The party help to drive the warband off, though two captives are taken.
  • The party resolve to leave Crossridge – but to go where?



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