In Memoriam

Session 1

Rising From The Fallen

  • The PCs wake up on a battlefield littered with corpses.
  • A sense of doom hangs in the air. Everything they touch feels unidentifiably tainted.
  • They try to gather some evidence of what they’re doing there, largely without avail.
  • They come across a monstrous creature picking through the corpses, and fight it.
  • They set out into the world…
  • Everything is barren and destroyed – in contrast to the battlefield which seemed normal.
  • They come to a crossroads where two prisoners are hanging in gibbets.
  • The man claims to have been thrown out of the nearby village, Crossridge, for witchcraft.
  • The girl, named Channa, is being punished for stealing.
  • The PCs free the man, but Channa refuses to be freed, claiming that the villagers will punish her more harshly if she escapes.
  • The PCs travel to Crossridge and meet Walther Grant, the village headman.
  • They learn that the world has fallen – a week of natural disasters followed by an invasion by a a demon Horde – and are offered shelter for the night at least.
  • In the night two riders in black-and-yellow masks come to the village and ask strange questions before retreating into the night.
  • In the morning, Walther asks the PCs to go to a Necromancer’s tower to the North.
    – The Necromancer has asked for “a few good men” to help him rebuild the tower.
    – Walther is not comfortable with a magic user being so close.
  • The PCs agree.



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